Become a CaFE Ambassador

Become a CaFE ambassador and
open the door to more clients.

What is a CaFE Ambassador?


CaFE Ambassadors support our onboarding process by agreeing to provide new subscribers with a free 1:1 coaching session of up to 30 minutes to help them get the most out of their subscription.

What are the benefits?

New subscribers can be offered a continuing support service by your firm. We quote a starting price of £75 per month on our website for up to one hour of remote support.


You can acquire new full-service clients through delivery of the 1:1 Coaching Session. Our experience is that many business owners sign-up for CaFE because they don’t feel effectively supported by their accountant or haven’t appointed one yet.


CaFE doesn’t seek any share of new client revenue. All we ask is that the client is added to your CaFE dashboard.


Your practice will be promoted as a CaFE Ambassador in our direct marketing and social networks


CaFE Ambassador materials will be made available for your website and newsletters

You will be kept up to date with our product roadmap and have the opportunity to influence it. We always welcome expert insight and feedback on new and existing features and your requirements will be prioritised if they are feasible.



All ACCA, ICAEW, ICB, IAB, FCCA practices qualify to be included in our Ambassador programme. We only ask for a short chat to make sure our ethics and outlook are aligned.


Becoming a CaFE Ambassador

To become a CaFE Ambassador, you will need to agree to:

  • Complete a familiarisation session
  • Support your clients to actively manage their cashflow by promoting the use of CaFE
  • Help your clients make the best use of CaFE by helping them navigate the product, understand the outputs and use some of the additional features such as the budget planner.
  • Become a coach for new subscribers. You can read more about this at
  • Look for opportunities to create case studies and testimonials with us
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“CaFE is such a great tool: it really does all the work for you. I recommend it to all my clients”

Mark Howard, CaFE Ambassador

Being a CaFE Ambassador is rewarding and remunerative.

Just get in touch and we’ll tell you more.