“CaFE solved a problem that no other application was solving”

About Yasmeen

Yasmeen is a recruitment agency established and led by humanitarian specialists. They help non-profits in the UK and across the Middle East and North Africa region find the right talent for their operations.

What was the business problem?

As a boutique recruitment agency, Yasmeen understandably needed to be careful with their cash and how they spend it. When the pandemic hit and negatively impacted the recruitment need, this in turn placed more pressure on the recruitment agency.

Reham Razouk, Director at Yasmeen, has been focussed on the business’s cashflow in this turbulent time. “I always need to know how much runway we have until the business might run out of money” says Reham. “CaFE, sitting on FreeAgent, does this so easily for me in just two or three clicks. I mostly use the app for long-term projections so I can fix any anticipated problems before they arise. By enabling us to proactively identify and deal with upcoming cash flow challenges, CaFE has solved a problem that no other application was solving.”

“A major part of CaFE’s purpose” says founder, Makoto, “is to help small and micro businesses who can’t afford to employ specialists to handle their finances, but who equally lack the knowledge or time to manage this area on their own. CaFE’s aim is to reduce the anxiety and likelihood of getting into cashflow difficulty by becoming their virtual finance manager”.

“Thanks for the cool product and useful FreeAgent integration.”

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